The Cordell Hull Museum & Bunkum Cave

The Cordell Hull Museum is located in Tennessee. It is just one and a half miles outside of Byrdstown off of Highway 111 on Cordell Hull Memorial Blvd. Cordell Hull Memorial Blvd is the birthplace of Cordell Hull and is also home to the Museum State Park. The memorial houses a replica of Cordell's log cabin that he was raised in and the museum which contains documents as well as artifacts, including the Nobel peace prize that Cordell Hull received. Cordell Hull is highly regarded and is popularly referred to as the father of the United Nations. Hull also served as the Secretary of State for the administration of president Franklin Roosevelt.

Cordell Hull - Bunkim Cave

Presently, the Friends of Cordell Hull Association has given the memorial a grant which helped them purchase the historic Bunkum Cave. This land contains a cave that is over 100 feet wide and 30 feet tall, running through the center of the cave is a beautiful stream. Many travelers as well as local explorers have visited and enjoyed the Bunkum Cave for many years.

Uncle Billy Hull has been one of the sites most well-known visitors. Billy Hull is Cordell's father. When Billy arrived in Tennessee he only had the clothes on his back. Yet, Billy was very resourceful and created a business for himself selling moonshine out of the mouth of the glorious Bunkum Cave. His moonshine was named Number Nine. This savvy businessman eventually got caught and he was fined $25 dollars. Luckily, he had already saved up $1000 dollars and had been making plans to quit the business anyways. With his savings Billy bought a bunch of poplar trees thus creating a makeshift raft and rafted down the Cumberland River to Nashville. It is said that Billy was the richest man in Cumberland Plateau.

In 2004 AmeriCorp began work on creating a scenic trail that will lead to an overlook of the Bunkum Cave. It will be a half mile hike to and from the park headquarters. The skill level of the hike will be fairly easy and you will enjoy numerous sightings of beautiful wildflowers and woodland creatures. The overlook of the cave's entrance will entice your eyes. The trail will be completed in 2006. There were also be an additional a trail that will lead to the entrance of the cave. You will be allowed to enter the cave under the protection and safety of the park office. Registration will be required.